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Through Shadows.

An Anthology of Award winning Speculative Fiction stories from Quarancon 2020 and 2021. 

'New Hope' is a prequel short story to The Aulirean Gates trilogy.



Nobody knows what created the tear in the sky, or who caused it. All anyone knew was the tear could be seen everywhere...and everywhen. It stretched not just across the sky but across time itself. Smaller tears began to form around the world. People feared them, used them, investigated them. But the mystery about these tears was dwarfed when a shadowy figure started to show interest in them. A being without form and known only by a name that caused terror for all who heard it

The Wanderer is my story within this BFS shortlisted anthology

Published by Nordic Press, July 2022. 

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Shadows on The Water

A wonderful new book with short stories from open submissions and a curated selection of ancient myths and folk tales from Polynesia, Scotland, the Ancient Greeks and tales from the high sea. The mysteries of the rivers, the secrets of the lochs, the whispers across the vast stretches of the ocean, there are so many stories from the beginnings of civilisation, through myth and folklore, to the dark fantasies, and supernatural tales of the modern storyteller. The treasures under the sea, the siren call of the mermaid, the liberating spirits of the fountains and waterfalls, all feature here alongside iconic stories of creation, ancestor worship and the seductive shadows across the waters of life.

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