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The Aulirean Gates trilogy. 

Gates of Hope
14th April 2023.


The Watcher shattered the Gates.


Now, hope must arise from the shards. 



Darin and Suriin enter the Black Palace of the So’Dal, at a time when monstrous Edgelands creatures return to the skies over Caldera. 

After exhibiting magical traits thought lost, Darin is drawn into a secret society charged with keeping the Watcher’s secrets. Now he must balance learning how to control his magic, caring for Star, his new companion, and finding a way to sustain the Howlers’ power for long enough to protect Caldera from the predatory creatures of the Edgelands.


Before she arrived at the Black Palace Suriin broke the ancient rules of the So’Dal to save the life of the person she loves the most. As her search for a cure delves deeper under the mountain, is there any price she won't pay? 


On the outer moon of Tebein, Elissa’s newly awakened magic will endanger her home and family. Now she must race to find help for those she leaves behind as she escapes those who want her, and all those like her, dead.


One wrong decision by any of them could return legends to life and end five hundred cycles of peace. Will they find the solutions they need in time?

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Gates of Regret

In progress... 

I'm about 1/3 of the way through and just you wait, 

All your favourites are back, along with some new friends and companions. 

Did someone say 'Dragons?'

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