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Two Chasms Tales

The Two Chasms is a place beyond most people's reach, where the magically gifted work as Protectorates to their villages.

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Witchgorn Village.


After watching all Witchgorn’s familiars disappear through a portal, Eva Eclipse has to face the fact that she has lost all her protectorate’s familiars just before they host the magical inter village games, along with her chance at competing for the first time.

With no idea who stole them, and no way to work it out before the games begin, the protectorate might be facing a harmless prank, or something far more nefarious.
Can the village of Witchgorn pull together to get through a competition where they are the only competitors not using magic? And will Eva find more than a chance to
compete as her need to find a fake familiar brings an old friendship back into her life.

More novellas to come

There are many villages, and many tales. Over time, more of them will be told.​

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