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Character Glossary. Especially for Audio-bookers!

The Skin

Character Who and Where.


‘Selkie’ The Black Seal of her pack, a Northern Selkie


Eryn Younger Sister of Selkie. A Northern Selkie


Lone Jake Human Sailor. Known to lead a group of pirates who control The Narrows.


Lord Sal Owner of Barge. A pleasure ship that cruises the Terranian sea.


Lady Gina Lord Sal’s long absent daughter. Heir to his empire of knowledge and pleasure.


Seren Captain of Barge. Close confidant of Lord Sal.


Prince Anard Oldest child of the King of Terrania. Known recluse who lives in Old Town.


Sirena Prince Anard’s Artist.


Zora Member of Lord Sal’s most trusted inner circle. Sea Witch, originates from a village in the Southern Barren.


Eden From the same community as Zora. Technical genius and engineer. Bird- speaker.


Georgie Lord Sal's younger cousin, brought in to help with ‘problem solving’. Owner of Black Hind.


Timothee Maritim Legendary sailor, who is reputed to have sailed solo to most of the more inhospitable regions of the world. Known as Theo to his friends.


The King of Terrania King of a narrow strip of hospitable land sandwiched between the Northern Barren and the Terrania sea


Ulises The King of Terrania’s younger son and named Heir.


Cor An unusual Cormorant


Ash Member of Driftwood


Oak Member of Driftwood


Ivy Member of Driftwood


Cypress Member of Driftwood


Driftwood Lord Sals elite guards and problem solvers. Based on Barge


Icidro Merchant


Mona Owner of the Gilded Heaven in Orange


Fish Owner of Fish’s Bar in Orange


Rialta Waitress at the Gilded Heaven


Dottrine The King of Terrania's personal assistant


Lady Rene Breeder of rare frogs


Gar Selkie child.


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