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Welcome to my little corner of the internet where dragons, selkies and moonhounds frolic in the waters of various fantasy worlds, and hide in deep tunnels filled with mystery.

This is a place to find animal companions, found family, expansive world building and queer-norm worlds. 

I write in a range of styles, from lyrical folklore fantasy, to Epic and Cosy Fantasy, with other works in progress.

Why not start your journey through my worlds by using the series guide below. 


Black Hind's Wake

Folklore fantasy with a futuristic post apocalyptic twist. 

How far would you go to save your skin? 

"The Skin" - Book One of the "Black Hinds Wake" duology - by J.E. Hannaford, is one of the most fascinating, unique, and marvellous Indie SFF books I've had the pleasure of reading so far this year.

P.L. Stuart, Before We Go Blog.

The Aulirean Gates

Classic epic fantasy with animal companions, and interlunar portals.

The Watcher shattered the gates. Now hope must arise from the shards.

'with her incredible flora and fauna-based worldbuilding approach, her found family abilities and her wonderfully subtle and deeply considered magic system, this still feels modern and fresh. Hannaford is crafting something very special here indeed.

Ed Crocker for Fanfiaddict. (Gates of Hope)

'As far as I’m concerned, the moonhounds are the best companion animals in SFF ... An uplifting, quietly beautiful book.'

Anna Smith-Spark.   (Gates of Sorrow)

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Cosy, humorous fantasy novella with witches, their companions and a dash of romance.

What's a witch without their familiar  to do!


Power struggles in a sprawling city powered by insect magic. 

Dark Fantasy

Current work in progress. 

more details at a later date. 

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