About J E Hannaford

I have always loved books. I was the kind of child who thought they were reading sneakily, while my parents tiptoed past the cracks of light from under my bedroom door. Nights passed in a blur of words, as I vanished willingly into their pages, lost for days, only coming up for air to deal with the real world when it called.

My imagination has always been sparked by my own cultural mythology. From the creatures of The Mabinogion to modern folk stories, I devoured them all. I have a natural affinity for dragons. After all, every sunset is merely the Welsh Dragon calling me home, so it was no surprise that fantasy books became my greatest love.

I fell in love with biology too. Marine biology to be specific. The weird and wonderful animals on this world and the legacy and hints of its previous occupants are endlessly fascinating.  

All these things -- these dreams and fascinations -- were bound to merge one day. I write  worlds filled with characters I'd both want to meet, and be afraid to, of deep, dark places with hidden secrets and wondrous creatures.

The Aulirean Gates series is a story of another world, of strong women, of a hound and determination. 

The Skin is an alt--Earth folklore fantasy. It is a tale of selkies and sirens, of poisons but most of all, it is a story about choosing the difficult path for the good of the world. 

So that's me. I teach Biology, and I write books. 

May my worlds and characters find a home in your heart, the way so many others live in mine. 


Current projects.


The Aulirean Gates

Gates of Hope.

The Watcher shattered the gates to end the war. Now a colony’s survival depends on them opening once again, as secrets emerge from the darkness.  


A fishing injury leaves Elissa holding the fate of an entire species in her hands. Her oppressors become her hunters, as she braves the unknown to save her friends.  


The hidden society that keeps the Watcher's secrets is running out of time. Darin must find a way to sustain their power if he is to ensure their survival and protect the crater lands of Caldera from the predatory creatures of the Edgelands.   


Suriin breaks the ancient rules of the So’Dal to save the life of the person she loves the most. As her search for a cure delves deeper under the mountain, is there any price she won't pay? 

I am currently seeking an agent for this series. 

The second book, Gates of Regret, is in progress.

The Skin

The Skin

“You cannot fix this world alone, Selkie.”

“I know that. But, when we die all that is left are shadows of our lives preserved in the memories of those who remain. I plan on leaving an exceptionally long shadow, filled with ripples of moonlight for those I helped, and darker than the worst of nightmares for those who wronged us.”