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It’s all about the Women.

International Women’s day post.

I often see posts in online groups bemoaning the lack of female representation in Fantasy writing. So as it is International Women’s day, I thought I’d pick out a few of the women who’s writing has have accompanied my own fantasy journey. Some of the books pictured are the second in a series because the first is on loan.

Many of these books are battered and worn, their spines broken from love and re-reading by friends and family.

Dragon Lance was read so many times its back is torn. My first serious attempt at writing a novel was heavily influenced by it. My twins will remain forever shelved, where they deserve to be!

I remember picking up Dragon Prince in an airport, on an outward journey. Books two and three are Canadian editions as I loved it so much, I bought them on the way home!

Robin Hobb’s books are literary comfort food. I know they will be good, I know I will love every word.

The Fiona McIntosh is the first book I threw across a room, because I knew what was coming. I refused to believe it actually would, then sulked for days afterwards.

Janny Wurtz. The first real trope twisting fantasy I read.

One very significant book is missing from this collection. Ash- A Secret History by Mary Gentle. It is still the only book I have re-read multiple times. I lent it out, and it was sadly never returned.

More recently, most of my reading has been on Kindle, and in the last year two of the most inspiring writers I have read were kindle copies.

So for international Women’s day I’d like to recommend some wonderful authors.

Anna Stevens. Dark, gritty and powerful fantasy.

S.A Chakraborty, City of Brass, Kingdom of Copper and Empire of Gold. Incredible, immersive fantasy in an Arabic setting. I loved it.

Sam Hawke. City of Lies. Quite simply my favourite book from last year.

I also have a a list of exciting authors I cannot wait to read. Many books I am looking forward to this year are, again female writers. If I listed them all, we’d be here forever!

The next two on my list this spring are of Honey and Wildfires by Sarah Chorn, and We ride the Wind by Devin Madson. I can’t wait to get started.


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