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SPFBO-X is here!

I took the plunge, and survived a random draw for places, meaning that Gates of Hope is a SPFBO entrant in its tenth year. The event officially starts today, 1st June. and runs until April next year!

What is SPFBO?

The Self Published Fantasy Blog Off, organised by Mark Lawrence.

What happens now?

All 300 entrants have been assigned to a blog, and will be judged according to that blog's team to choose semi-finalists. There are more details on the process and you can follow the eliminations here.

Gates of Hope has been allocated to Before We Go Blog.

When will we know any more?

I have as much idea as you. We just wait now.

That sounds like a lot of waiting.

It is, so I've come up with a few plans.

  • I'm not going to follow things obesssivley (I said it was a plan, not that it was achievable!)

  • I've randomly rolled my own set of 30 books to read. I'll post those reviews in batches, depending how fast I get through the books. I will not be posting reviews or naming DNF's but will post every 5 books.

  • I'm writing another book, in another series to keep my mind busy too.

  • GLASGOW 2024! I'll be there with scales on.

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