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The Skin, Black Hind's Wake 1.


The whole journey of bringing The Skin to life has had some very steep learning curves. Some of which were harder to accept than others.

Firstly, there was the book that preceded The Skin. A book and half its sequel, that I've learnt so much from and now, is sat on my laptop while I decide what to do with it. I still love the world and the characters, they will always hold a place in my heart. Maybe I will revisit them in the future and they will meet you. I am so very pleased that two of those characters are still going to make it out into the world, in Through Shadows the Quarancon Anthology very soon.

Then came the realisation that I truly did not want to follow the route to trad. publishing. My vision for how I wanted The Skin to appear in the world was already so clear in my mind, that I just could not part with it.

It's been a manic time since I made that call. with some genuinely exciting moments. The process of choosing a cover designer was one of the most exciting and I cannot wait to share the final design with the world later this month!

The interior art for the chapters has been a truly joyful process. Carina Roberts has really brought moments from the book to life. When she showed me the initial sketches, I could read in those images the exact moments she had drawn. I am so very happy that our paths crossed. We will be sharing some of the concept sketches very soon.

I've had to learn mapping skills, and formatting, I've learned about mailing lists and tours and so much more. But, at no point have I regretted the decision and the route I have taken.

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Diana James
Diana James

I am so excited for you and am itching to see the final product!

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