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What reviewers are saying.

'A spellbinding book that had me hooked body and soul with the inevitability of nature changing the face of the world. There was just no stopping until I had devoured it whole.'

The Fantasy Hive.

'..this was an absolute bundle of delight as the surprises kept coming. The story itself defies formulaic expectations and unfolds in an exciting way that you would never see coming.'

Literature and LoFi

'I found The Skin to be utterly mesmerising from beginning to end.I was thoroughly enthralled with how J.E. Hannaford manages to interweave folklore with dystopian fiction and fantasy.'

Fantasy Book Nerd

'The Skin was unlike anything I've read in a long time. Through vivid, lush prose, Hannaford's world comes to vibrant life. This is a beautiful, nuanced book that tells a story we all need to hear about love, loss and ultimately, our heroic quests to find ourselves.'

Bookworm Blues

‘Be prepared to enter a world drawing on mythology and folklore in an amazing original setting – it’s also one of the best books I have read this year.’

The Swordsmith.

‘The Skin is a simply stunning read … I loved every moment of it – even the ones that broke my heart.’

Beneath a Thousand Skies

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