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‘You cannot fix this world alone, selkie.’

‘I know. But, when we die, all that is left are shadows of our lives preserved in the memories of those who remain. I plan on leaving an exceptionally long shadow, filled with ripples of moonlight for those I helped, and darker than the worst of nightmares for those who wronged us.’



How far would you go to save your skin? 


I’m a selkie, trapped above the waves until I can recover my skin. Humans used to call us seal-wives many years ago – before they broke the planet. Up here, the magic is fading and Old Ones like me are traded as trophies for rich and powerful humans to display in collections. 

Without the Old Ones, the magic fades, without magic, the planet dies. 


Humankind has gone too far and someone has to put a stop to it, I just wasn’t expecting it to be me. 

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The World of The Black Hind's Wake

The world of the Black Hind's Wake (6).jpg

Click the map to open a pdf version.


Epic fantasy with moonhounds and dragons.

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