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New month, new challenges, new achievements.

April brings change and yet for most of us, the same walls and fences we have lived, loved and worked behind for a couple of weeks.

We are all getting used to the new routine, working out ways to work around each other and still retain our mental strength. We will continue to play, and I am sure by the end of this period I will have a beautiful garden, filled with flowers and delicious fruit. Maybe I’ll have learnt to put a football into ‘top-bins’ and hit treble 20 with a dart.

For writers, April brings camp NaNo, and we have a wonderfully supportive cabin this April. It brings the end of edits, for now. For me, It also brings publication of a short story in Bards of The Isles magazine and a written challenge elsewhere. Hopefully, I’ll even get more of Gates 2 written.

Today I’d also like to introduce the start of the Sketchbooks. Seeing my creatures brought to life is a complete joy, I danced around the house with a very foolish grin when I saw the first one. That picture has arrived in Suriin’s sketchbook today. For those who have read the book, I hope you enjoy them. (They are tucked into a members section to avoid inadvertent spoilers.)

May April shower you in creativity, and joy in these tough times. Like my bumble bee, hide when you need to, but enjoy the sun!

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